Download Skype for Windows

Download Skype for Windows

There's a new version of Skype (v1.2.0.21 BETA), it wont show up if you check for an upgrade so you have to go to the download section manually.

They've added lots of features including (as guessed) centralised contacts. I've no idea if it works as the install just upgraded my old version and used the existing contacts. Hopefully it will just automagically save them.

Skype have now officially added voicemail (which anyone can buy, $16 [euros] pa). That's quite cool.

I'd like to have tried SkypeIn (so you get a real number for people to call you on), unfortunately they've run out of UK numbers. However for a business who wants a non-UK presence, maybe that's a benefit. Various other VoIP providers do offer that as a premium service.

Of course SkypeIn may turn out to be a regulatory nightmare as a law enforcement agency could attempt to have the calls (legally) tapped, but what jurisdiction does it fall under, where the call terminates (in IP land), or where it originates (in real telco land in a specific country). Intercepting calls in IP land is going to be virtually impossible, unless the software can be forced to split the call traffic so it can be monitored elsewhere (but a regulatory nightmare, one caller could be in UK under UK regs and the other end of the call in the US under US regs, under what regulations should the call be intercepted). Incepting at the SkypeIn/Out side where the call falls under standard telephony regulations is much easier and legally much clearer - maybe that's a Skype installed SkypeIn so they could comply with legal intercept?

As soon as I can get SkypeIn I'll post some results.
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