About SkypeOut

About SkypeOut

Skype are on to a money spinner here, if you buy SkypeOut - but do NOT use it (from their web page - which probably most people don't actually read "Your SkypeOut credits will remain active for 180 days after your last SkypeOut call") they just cancel your credit.

I bought SkypeOut so if I was not at somewhere where I had a phone or easy access to one, I could use Skype and make calls that way. Unfortunately not as they just wiped the credit from my SkypeOut account. I'd have to make a call every 180 days if I want to keep it active. OK that's not so difficult, but not what I'd want to use it for.

There's also no warning that it's about to expire, it just disappears from your options.

Not really a good customer experience, and I hope they'll change their policy.
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