ADSLguide: News Archive

ADSLguide: News Archive

Although VDSL (and now VDSL2) offer substantially higher speeds than ADSL variants (including ADSL2+) it also suffers major distance limitations. VDSL is also not approved for use in the UK.

ADSL allows for distances of several miles whereas VDSL is much better suited to several hundred metres (or at least under 1Km) which gives it very limited coverage from BT local exchanges - even in urban environments.

VDSL has achieved good results for in-building use (i.e. fibre to the building, and then local VDSL connectivity to tennants) and even street cabinet DSLAMs. Unfortunately the only people with fibre to street cabinets are cable providers, which and they tend to use cable modem technology.

Unless BT decide to rewire the uK with fibre to each street cab (which is a very costly exercise), and there's a major change to existing Access Network Frequency Plans (ANFP), VDSL(2) is a white elephant in the UK.
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