BT finally ready to launch Bluephone

BT finally ready to launch Bluephone

BT have at last got their act together and will be lauching their Bluephone technology. This is where a dual-mode handset use GSM most of the time, and roam on to a Bluetooth basestation in the home (or office). BT have actually launched this in partnership with Vodafone.

The Bluetooth basestation is connected to the customers' broadband connection and the voice call will be backhauled via IP.

Unfortunately calls to the handset will always go via GSM at normal Vodafone rates, but BT will offer landline rates for the outgoing calls via the Bluetooth basestation.

The technology is actually part of the UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) and anyone can download the specifications from the UMA Technology site. Maybe someone can provide an alternative basestation that is compatible with Bluephone.
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