Ofcom Website | Spectrum Framework Review Statement

Ofcom Website | Spectrum Framework Review Statement

Ofcom has come out with their statement on Spectrum Framework Review. Though they wish to liberalise spectrum management and take a light touch approach, spectrum licensing and management is a tricky business. There are many issues to take into account, including some spectrum is managed by the MOD, some is harmonised across Europe and some (like maritime frequencies) internationally.

Currently about 4.3% of the spectrum is license exempt (i.e. bands like 2.4GHz used by WiFi) whihc will rise to 7% by 2010. This will give about 600MHz to every person in the UK (for short range use) up from 400MHz now allowing 100Mb/s short-range services.

Around 21% will remain in Ofcom control and fully licensed and the remainer will fall under user management, which still means that the spectrum will be licensed (originally from Ofcom) but the licensee has the option to trade, sub-license and do other things with the spectrum than was originally specified in the Ofcom license.

This will allow people to come up with new ideas for spectrum use and to implement them.
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