Net4Now :: News Story

Net4Now :: News Story

Sky have been trying to get this service off the ground for a while and now they've done a deal with Demon (THUS Plc) to make it available on the Demon web hosting platform.

Sky's SkyActive platform is based on WAP pages (slightly modified to allow for TV usage - so called WTVML or WAP TV markup language). This will allow anyone with a Sky box to hit the red button and have access to content from sites using the new content platform.

Skykeys are shortcodes, such that content providers can give access to pages in an efficient manner by just typing in a numeric number rather than having to remember the full URL. Demon have a SkyKey of "666".

Whether this takes off is another matter, but it will allow pretty much anyone to put content up for thr Sky platform in an easy to use manner.
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