AOL snaps up storage firm | The Register

AOL snaps up storage firm | The Register

Yahoo bought Flickr, now AOL buy Xdrive. The remote storage business seems to be the industry to be in.

With everything going digital (music, cameras etc) people want to be able to store and share their content and remote storage is a good way to do it. Google started the trend (though for Email) with their Google mail service allowing 1GB per customer.

Xdrive has been going for quite a while as a remote storage solution will it now change with AOL's influence to be more like the other services.

Apple of course have been doing this all along with their .Mac service, though catering for Mac users there is an XP set of drivers for it, unfortunately it's not free. It's probably one of the more integrated storage systems out there (for Mac users) and works with their iLife products supporting photo uploads, remote syncing, file storage, web space, Email etc.
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