Ofcom Website | UWB: Input Document to CEPT

Ofcom today have published their recommendations for UWB to CEPT (the European organisation that deals with harmonized radio standards).

UWB operates in the 3.1-10.6GHz band allowing high data transfer rates for short range transmission. It can be used as a wires replacement service to connect devices together. It is disruptive to WiFi and Bluetooth.

Ofcom will recommend that CEPT should produce a European harmonised specification but it must used controls to reduce interference to existing bands especially in 3.1 - 4.2Ghz by using detect and avoidance technologies. UWB should also use transmit power control to limit interference to other UWB systems.

Ofcom also recommend the European Commission should conduct a review 3 years after the introduction of UWB to assess the levels of spectrum noise and potential interference.

If UWB does get the go ahead, it will allow the distribution of HDTV etc in the house as it offers data rates in excess of 100Mb/s and is highly resilient to interference.

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