3G may beat WiMax to the punch - Network IT Week

3G may beat WiMax to the punch - Network IT Week

Though the mobile version of WiMAX has now been ratfied (802.16e) it will be a while before manufacturers have silicon supporting in, though companies like Intel have said they will produce chips next year - integrated on to laptop motherboards.

Unfortunately even though the standard may now be real and mobile WiMAX may become a reality in terms of hardware, there's still the question of what spectrum is available for people to use.

In the UK the only possible spectrum that could be used (currently) is 5.8GHz in Band B which will give limited bandwidth.

Even the licensed operators who have spectrum available in 3.4 and 3.5GHz are NOT (currently) allowed to offer mobile services over it and they can only offer permanent fixed links.

It wont be the technology that slows WiMAX but the regulatory hurdles.
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