Gmail adds virus scanning - IT Week

Gmail adds virus scanning - IT Week

Google Mail now check for infected attachments and stop people downloading them if it cant remove them (as well as checking outgoing attachments too).

Though Email is an important part of an office environment it's not the only part. Google have done a deal with Sun and point users at OpenOffice for an alternative to Microsoft products. However they surely must be looking at offering a hosted version of the suite.

In the past Sun has shown hosted versions of StarOffice, which utilise computing power in the browser much like Google do with Google Earth and other AJAX applications, but they also had versions which just used the browser as a rendering engine suitable for PDAs etc.

The software looked the same whatever platform it ran on and though files could be stored locally, they were best placed on the server (that run the application).

It wouldn't be suprising if Sun re-vitalised those efforts which would allow Google to offer a fully hosted Office environment.

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