TomTom GO 700

The TomTom GO 700 us the top model from TomTom with complete maps of UK and Western Europe installed on a hard disk internally.

It's a neat unit, the navigation is very precise and worked flawlessly it even picked up a private road which was "unnamed" but once down the road it's possible to set a mark there, so you can get back to it.

The Speed Camera database is an optional extra for about £40 per year - but worthwhile, TomTom keep it up to date.

There are other TomTom PLUS services such as weather (at your destination) and traffic conditions. These can both be downloaded in real-time using Bluetooth through your mobile phone (data charges may apply). If the route you've planned happens to hit the road conditions, the GO will navigate another route to avoid them.

It's a slight pain fitting the system to the car and dangling wires out the cigarette lighter, but it all worked very well and the built-in aerial picked up the satellites with ease. Unfortunately it is worth removing all the bits when you leave the car, as they've become a target for thieves.

When the permanent docking station arrives that should makes things easier.

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