Ofcom Website | Scoping an NGN industry body - an independent report by Spectrum Strategy Consultants

Ofcom Website | Scoping an NGN industry body - an independent report by Spectrum Strategy Consultants:

Ofcom commissioned Spectrum Strategy Consultants to help develop the scope for a new New Generation Networks industry body. Based on the report Ofcom have recommended setting up an NGN body.

They propose

The body’s purpose should be to develop a joint vision and framework for the transition to NGNs that encompasses commercial, technical and operational issues.

It will issue recommendations to the industry
In order to function effectively, the body will require a stringent governance and organisational structure:

its membership should be inclusive; stakeholders will be able to participate in workgroups on specific issues independent of size and degree of infrastructure ownership
in order to function effectively, the NGN body will need a strong figurehead as a chairman supported by a well-resourced management team equipped with strategic, technical and programme management expertise
a board consisting of 8-10 industry representatives needs to be appointed to approve the body�s recommendations and to drive its agenda forward
the organisation will be independent, accountable only to its members
Ofcom should adopt the role of an active observer

The body should be owned and funded by industry in order to enable its independence. However, Ofcom will need to play a leading role during the set-up phase

The body is required as soon as possible and should be set up within the next six to seven months; it is expected to have a lifetime of 3-4 years

Why is Ofcom proposing this? Well yes the industry is moving to NGN, but it's BT they are really worried about. BT's 21CN will completely change the face of telecoms in the UK and Ofcom need to be able to ensure that the rest of the industry doesn't get left behind and suddenly everyone becomes a BT reseller once again.

This way they can support an industry body - steered by Ofcom initially that actually understands what's going on and the future implications for the industry.

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