BT announces Home Hub

This is BT's major entry into the converged home network offering broadband, voice (over IP) and in the future TV.

There's a range of equipment that comes with it, and it's very iPod'esque. A wireless hub and a VoIP phone.

Currently pricing is £9.95 per month for 8Mb/s ADSL including free evening and weekend calls (max duration 60 minutes to 01/01 numbers) for the first 6 months, then it's £17.99 per month.

Also included is 250 minutes per month of BT Openzone WiFi access, which should appeal to home business users as they can just connect via a hotspot and get access to their normal services.

Later this year BT Vision will be included which brings in IPTV.

Other broadband companies will struggle to keep up, and before they know it, BT will launch their 21st Century Network and then the battle will really hot up.
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