Ofcom statement on 412-414MHz paired with 422-424MHz

Ofcom is going to auction off the spectrum in the 412-414MHz paired with 422-424MHz band.

The 2MHz pair is being broken down into 4 bands of 0.5MHz each (412.0 - 412.5 and 422.0 - 422.5 MHz, etc) known as a, b, c and d.

Any bidder can try for any combination of a, b, c and d, which works out at 15 combinations. Each combination costs £50,000 per sub-band as a minimum fee (so a bid for just 'a' will cost £50,000, with 'a+b' £100,000 etc). It is a sealed bid auction and Ofcom will go through the bid process depending on the number of bidders.

Any bidders must coordinate with RAF Flyingdales as they also use this band for their radars (and have priority). There is a 40Km exclusion zone around the base.

Though the licenses are application neutral, it's expected that they will be used for communications services.

The award process will commence in the week beginning 11 September 2006. Ofcom expects that the application date will be Thursday, 14 September 2006.
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