The fight for AOL UK continues and now Tiscali UK comes into the foray

AOL's UK business is up for sale, rumours have been flying round (including Vodafone being in the bidding), but now it seems the battle is between BSkyB and Carphone Warehouse.

Tiscali UK also seems up for grabs (having recently purchased Home Choice/Video Networks) and BSkyB and BT may be in the battle for them.

The consolidation wars continue and the big broadband players seem to be: -

BT Retail (2m+ broadband customers)
NTL:Telewest (2m broadband customers)
Carphone Warehouse (600-700K+)
BSkyB (Easynet) (?)
Orange (?, peaking at 12,000 per day sign-up)
Pipex (570K)

Vodafone will be interesting to watch as they have just done a deal with BT.
T-Mobile - who knows.
O2 bought Be, but they are tiny (only 40,000 customers - but now they have the resources to grow the company and infrastructure).
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