ViaMichelin X-980T

Yesterday ViaMichelin announced the X-980T SatNav unit. It's got maps of Western Europe, uses the Sirf Star III GPS unit and has built-in TMC (traffic info). They also give you UK speed cameras (sorry safety cameras) with unlimited updates.

The unit isn't particularly pretty (it's about 6" by 4" by 3/4"), but it will fit in your pocket (well a big pocket).

It does have a nice feature of showing a 3D map as well as a 2D close-up side to side.

It also has info on 51,000 hotels and restaurants from the Michelin Guide and also 19,000 tourist and cultural sites from the Michelin Green Guide (both across Europe). More useful to a business user or when planning a holiday. The information has ratings from the Guides and also telephone numbers which can be automatically dial via your Bluetooth phone.

Full'ish review here
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