Higher power limits for licence-exempt devices | Ofcom

Higher power limits for licence-exempt devices | Ofcom

Ofcom held a consultation to raise power limits in both the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands. There were 30 responses from a wide range of organisations.

Since broadband is now available (at speeds of at least 512Kb/s) in most of the UK and there are possible interference effects when raising the power of 2.4GHz in rural areas Ofcom has decided not to proceed with changing the 2.4Ghz limits.

In 5.8GHz there was general agreement that power limits could be raised, so Ofcom are planning to change the licensing so higher power limits can be used nationally (with the constraints that 5.8GHz is a lightly licensed band).

Ofcom also asked whether conducted power rather than radiated power levels should be used as the basis for regulation, there was a mixed response which went towards supporting this across Europe, so Ofcom will make any such changes through the European Regulatory regime.
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