7 foot balloon makes its first appearance

A while back I obtained a 7 foot diameter commercial helium balloon. It sat around for a long time while I tried to get someone to make a cover for it.

It took a while, but in the last 2 weeks it materialised (thanks to the Bristol lot). It was fireproof with a nice velcro slit to allow the balloon to be inserted and removed.

On Saturday it made its first public appearance at Whirl-y-gig and all seemed well.

Unfortunately some idiots decided to sit on it and find the only non-covered bit (a small circle where the strips were sown together and where it could be tied) and put a cigarette through the nylon and puncture it. The jump also slightly tore the cover, so back to Bristol it's gone for repair.

When all is fixed and it makes a clubbing return it will have to be secured between letting loose so idiots cant touch it.

I tried filling with helium, but it eats a lot and it's not practicle unless spending lots of money.
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