Photoshop CS3 beta offers speed boost

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Adobe have released a beta of Photoshop CS3. It will work for 2 days without a serial number, but it is completely functional. If a valid CS2 serial number is entered it will not expire (until the beta period ends in Spring of 2007 when the full product should be available).

It's a Universal Binary so will work natively on new Macs without going through Rosetta (Apple's PowerPC/Intel translator) which means a considerable speed increase.

It comes with Aobe Bridge and Device Central (which allows repurposing content to mobiles etc).

No pricing has been announced for the real product. Beta CS3 is also available in Windows format.

The biggest reason for Mac users not to upgrade has been the lack of Universal Binary Adobe products, this will not change and it'll be a good time to look for PowerBooks and G5's on Ebay.
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