Apple - iPhone

Apple - iPhone

Apple have at least announced the iPhone, though it's not available as such - it's not even FCC certified, but that's probably deliberate as most preliminary phone data comes from people monitoring FCC certification submission documents.

Not available until Q4 in the UK.

It runs MacOS X, how close that is to MacOS X on the desktop is debatable, though there's no reason it cant run the Mach kernel and BSD OS on top. Swap the Aqua interface for a phone version.

It comes with Email, Browsing, Phone and iPod apps, then there's what look like Dashboard widgets for everything else (or maybe Leopard's equivalent). There's also Google maps pre-installed.

Quad band GSM/GPRS with EDGE support on Sprint. 4G and 8GB versions for $499 and $599 respectiviely.

3.5" widescreen which is touch sensitive, 320 x 480 resolution. Also accelerometers to sense which way around it is to align the screen in the right direction. It's also position sensitive so the screen and display are turned off when it's near your ear (i.e. when using as a normal phone).

It looks extremely stylish and it's bound to be the phone of 2007.
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