BT doesn't want broadband universal service obligations

BT is making noises about Universal Service Obligations for broadband, it's saying their not needed as broadband is available to most of the population.

It may be a case of smoke and mirrors as when they actually launch their 21CN it's all IP based, meaning IP to the home - which requires broadband (or some kind of IP connectivity). They'll need a wireless solution if they have to provide IP everywhere in the UK (rural areas wont work with DSL - well they will but slowly and Ofcom are likely to define reasonably high speed).

BT actually want to be able to provide high speed access as then they can provide VoIP and Video services (BT Vision) and to guarantee any kind of Quality of Service (QoS) BT want others to use their systems to deliver the content and so pay for the delivery channel (like Sky in the satellite world).

It's likely they want to provide it to customers who are profitable, rather than being forced to provide it to all and sundry even if they never spend a penny on the value add services BT will be pushing.
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