BT kill broadband, then phone

Last week my ADSL died for no apparent reason. I use a non-BT ISP so had to go through them to get it fixed.

Eventually BT agreed to investigate and an engineer was booked for Saturday. At 11.20 I got a call that they were on the way to the premises and would be there in 20 minutes. By the time I got back they'd left a message to say the problem was fixed. Unfortunately it wasn't and now as well as the ADSL not working, they'd killed the phone line too.

Of course I couldn't report the ADSL to BT as I had to go through my ISP, so I did and the line now clearly showed a fault.

However as the voice line was also dead I could use BT's automated system and it did indeed notice an exchange fault.

I went out and returned about 4pm and there was an engineer checking the junction box. He was just about to go (not his fault). He then fitted a tone generator to the master socket and went off to trace the line. On his return hw said "the last engineer cut the lines in the street cabinet", how that meant they've fixed the line I've no idea.

Anyway the 2nd engineer put it all back and everything sprung back to life.

Being without ADSL for a week was painfull.
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