Ofcom introduces UK-wide 03 numbers | Ofcom

Ofcom introduces UK-wide 03 numbers | Ofcom

In March this year (2007) Ofcom will introduce a range of numbers starting with 03. These are non-geographic numbers, but they are charged at local rate (like 01 or 02 numbers).

Initially they will be available to public bodies and not-for-profit services, some number ranges will be reserved so 08 numbers will be able to be mapped across (i.e. numbers starting 08 now will be able to migrate to 03).

A major advantage of 03 numbers is that they can be included in price plans (mobile or fixed), so no more extra charges for dialing some kind of service line.

Operators will also not be allowed to offer revenue share on these numbers (i.e. where the operator pays a small percentage of the call revenue to the business operating the service).

Ofcom is also planning to cease 070 "personal numbering" allocations from the end of 2007, as people utilise these for scams as customers assume they are mobile numbers (when in fact their rates are much higher). In July any 070 charging more than 20p per minute will have to pre-announce their charges to the dialer.

These require changes to General Condition 17 (of the Communications Act) so Ofcom is holding a consultation until 14th March 2007.
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