XNA Game Studio Express Update - Xbox

XNA Game Studio Express Update - Xbox

Microsoft have updated their XNA Game Studio Express which allows developers a cost effective entry to developing Xbox360 games.

The refresh contains a packager allowing which can create both Xbox360 and PC games (only packing the game, not the source).

It also allows: -

* Official XNA Game Studio Express compatibility with Windows Vista

* Support for 3D audio using XACT

* Support for fonts in the XNA Framework

* Various other product enhancements and performance tuning

In order to share games, users must sign up to the XNA Creators Club which is available via Xbox LIVE Marketplace for $49 (U.S.) for 4 month sub, or $99 (U.S.) for 12 months.

By allowing smaller players (including home users) to develop games, there could be some interesting projects which could become a reality.
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