Facebook is growing fast

Facebook is definately the new craze and is growing like mad. Everyone seems to be joining, the same faces from other social networking sites, interestingly business users and consumers alike.

The interface is much more organised than say MySpace and much easier to read/navigate around. It seems "more friendly" too.

Google's Orkut gained a huge popularity when they launched (invite only - which made it geeky cool), but it rapidly seemed to lose it's steam.

While MySpace is huge, Facebook must be catching up. Facebook also rarely has errors while accessing areas etc, so they've obviously thought hard and long about scalability from the beginning.

A major plus for Facebook is that they've opened it up so developers can access the gubbins below and build applications - techy heaven - but it also means stuff gets developed that users want (and that Facebook might not have resources to do themselves).

It looks like it's here to stay.
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