Ofcom fines GMTV £2m

Ofcom has today fined GMTV £2,000,000 for misconduct in viewer competitions between August 2003 and February 2007. This is the largest financial penalty to be imposed against a broadcaster by Ofcom.

GMTV was found in breach of the following rules:

Rule 2.11 of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, which came into effect on 25 July
2005, “Competitions should be conducted fairly…”; and

Rule 8.2(b) of the ITC (Independent Television Commission) Code 2002 "Use of Premium Rate
Telephone Services in Programmes: The licensee must retain control of and responsibility
for the service arrangements....".

This is the highest fine ever imposed on a broadcaster in the UK.

Opal Telecom (the operator who actually ran the telecoms operation) were also fined £250,000.
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