ZYB | Bring mobile data to life

ZYB | Bring mobile data to life

Well they had to call it something ...

Zyb is a service that allows you to remotely save your contacts/diary/notes/other data from your mobile phone. Of course it's more than that and is also a social networking site as it will look for contacts from your phone and compare them to other users on the site and make guess on who you should connect to.

There are other services with some of functionality (O2 have recently launched Bluebook), but Zyb is operator independent and though allows centralised back-up features, the social networking side is probably what's going to attract users.

They are licensing the technology to operators (who can bundle it with their service, probably white-labeled), but you can expect targeted advertising to appear soon.

You can post "shouts" either through the website or by texting shout plus the message to a Zyb number and it goes to all your connections.

There's so many social networking sites around, Zyb will have to fight hard to get in the game, but even just using the back-up features are useful enough.

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