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ZYB | Help | Press Releases

ZYB the company that allows mobile users to upload their phone-books and store them centrally on Zyb's servers today acquired Imity the Danish social networking company.

Zyb has 250,000 users worldwide and has over 15 millions contacts stored for those users.

Imity has 70,000 users but has logged over 430,000 interactions between them, the technology allows Bluetooth enabled phones to discover other Imity users and links back to existing social networking sites like MySpace or blogs.

Imity is not accepting new users, but existing users can continue using the service. When Zyb and Imity are integrated, further users will be able to join. The combination of the two services could make an impact on the social networking scene as everyone has a mobile (pretty much every one of those mobiles will have Bluetooth) and by linking contacts and Bluetooth interaction, there could be some interesting results.
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