Ofcom Website | Notices

Ofcom Website | Notices:

Ofcom announced the winners of the 1452-1492 MHz band (or L-Band).

Though various lots were available (lots LA to LQ) Qualcomm UK Spectrum Ltd won all the lots, so were awarded a single high power licence.

Qualcomm paid £8,334,000 for the license.

Ofcom have released the spectrum as technology neutral and so it's likely Qualcomm will persue their MediaFLO broadcast TV system in the UK (even though the EU has adopted DVB-H).

If Qualcomm can build a broadcast network (which is likely to cost considerably more than the £8m paid for the license) and persuade manufacturers to include MediaFLO in UK handsets and if they can provide content, then they are likely to recoup the investment with IP licensing and content licenses.
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