iTunes 7.7 released - now with app.store

As expected Apple have released an update to iTunes to take it to v7.7 and the new feature is the App Store.

There are around 100 free apps and quite a few commercial ones too.

Existing iPhone users will have to wait for the version 2 software update and the 3G iPhone should be available tomorrow [11/07/08] (depending on stock - which in the UK is meant to be severely limited).

Customers can select software by category, whether it's "free" or not and for the iPhone or iTouch.

Though there's quite a bit of software for the launch, it's somewhat surprising there isn't more, though developers may not be too pleased with the current system as the app is tied to the dowloading version of iTunes which means it can be saved on any iPhone/iTouch which has a relationship with that system.
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