Managing the spectrum above 275 GHz | Ofcom

Managing the spectrum above 275 GHz | Ofcom

Ofcom is planning to make spectrum above 275 GHz (to 3000 GHz) licence exempt.

There will be constraints as these bands are used by radio astronomy, but due to atmospheric attenuation (which is severe in these bands) interference should be minimal.

Current power masks for short range devices in 244-246 GHz will be used as a proxy with adjustments made for the greater attenuation.

Ofcom are hoping innovitive applications will come out of these bands (short range comms/collision detection/etc).

The World Radiocommunication Conference 2011 has an agenda item about the 275 - 3000 GHz band and Ofcom may have to modify the Standard Instrument allowing licence exempt use based on the outcome of the conference.
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