Review of the 070 personal numbering range | Ofcom

Review of the 070 personal numbering range | Ofcom: "07|01|2009"

Ofcom is holding a consultation that closes on 07|01|2009 about 070 personal numbers.

Initially Ofcom wanted to move these to an 06 range, but this has now been dropped as it would not be economic.

There are also issues as alarm system utilise 070 numbers so pre-announcements indicating pricing is also not workable.

Phonepayplus and Ofcom are still receiving complaints about misuse of 070 numbers, but these have significantly reduced since Ofcom initially announced plans to change 070 services.

Ofcom are proposing a number of measures: -

* supporting and monitoring current enforcement action being carried out by PhonepayPlus in relation to scams on the 070 range.

* requiring originating communications providers to publish their tariffs for calls to 070 numbers more prominently and to make them easier to understand for consumers.

* amending guidance on the acceptable use of numbers in relation to compliance with General Condition 17 by ensuring Personal Numbering Service providers who provide 070 numbers to end users to carry out due diligence of sub-allocatees of personal numbers.

The consultation also covers Ofcom's plans to remove the requirements for pre-call announcements.
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