IWF statement regarding Wikipedia webpage

IWF statement regarding Wikipedia webpage

As expected the IWF has backed down on the blacklisting of the Virgin Killer album cover on Wikipedia.

It is highly likely that the image is in fact illegal according to UK legislation, unfortunately it's also available in lots of other places like Amazon and Google images.

The IWF didn't really have an option but to back down, or blacklist all the other sites too which would have caused the transparent proxies run by the ISPs to fall-over or at least respond incredibly slowly.

The way the blacklisting works is for the site IP address to be checked first and if there's a match, then redirect the web request through a transparent proxy which will then URL match.

If something like Amazon or Google get on to the IP list, then EVERY request made to those sites will go through the proxy and they are designed for that level of traffic.
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