Freedom4 application for licence variation | Ofcom

Freedom4 application for licence variation | Ofcom

Freedom4 are a WiMAX operator in the UK who offer wireless broadband (they are owned by the Hong Kong giant PCCW).

Freedom4 operate in the bands 3.6 - 4.2 GHz and currently can only offer fixed services, they have applied to Ofcom to a) increase the power limits of their basestations (i.e. main transmitter hubs) and also allow mobile access (which removes the obligation to register end-user / low-power terminals).

Ofcom's view is that the in-band power level can increase from +14dBW/MHz to +23dBW/MHz (+53dBm/MHz) for central stations and to remove the absolute limit of 22dBW/MHz (EIRP).

For terminal stations coordination should not be necessary for those with a spectral density not exceeding 25dBm/MHz and total EIRP not exceeding 30dBm unless a proposed central station is within 100MHz and 2km of a point-to-point link.

These changes should be made as soon is possible.

Ofcom is holding a consultation for interested stakeholders which closes on 20|07|2009.
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