Release of the 59 – 64 GHz band | Ofcom

Release of the 59 – 64 GHz band | Ofcom

Ofcom is holding a consultation on the release of spectrum in the 59 to 64 GHz band under license exempt regulations.

The 57 to 59 GHz band has already been made license exempt and is used for high bandwidth fixed wireless systems (FWS) that link sites up to about 1Km apart.

Since the signals are rapidly attenuated in air, interference between FWS systems should be minimal.

Modern radio equipment that is now cost effective has made the use of this band commercially attractive to provide radio links of 100Mb/s and more.

There is still some military use of frequencies within these bands for Mobile and Radiolocation applications so license exempt use will not be permitted in 3 small geographic areas.

The consultation closes on 25/09/09
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