Proposals for the regulation of video on demand services | Ofcom

Proposals for the regulation of video on demand services | Ofcom

A European Directive 2007/65/EC Audio Visual Media Service ("AVMS") means that European countries have to now worry about Video On Demand (VOD) services and Ofcom has until Dec 19th 2009 to effect a number of requirements covering VOD services and all audiovisual media services in the digital age.

The AVMS Directive amends and renames the Television Without Frontiers (TVWF) Directive by providing less details and more flexible regulation.

Ofcom is proposing to carry out its statutory duties with respect to VOD Editorial and VOD Advertising and is consulting on: -

* How to decide which VOD services cone under the remit of the new VOD regulations.

* Issues on the practical implementation of the regulations.

Currently this will definitely affect services such as iPlayer, Sky Anytimes, etc, but will it also cover the plethora of small start-ups out there.

There are issues that could cause problems as advertising tobacco products is illegal and no VOD service should contain incitement to hatred based on race, sex, religion or nationality - these could effect niche sites which may be targeted at specific populations.

This could open a new can of worms for Internet broadcasters.
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