Asterisk gets an app store (almost)

Asterisk the open source IP PBX from Digium now gets an app store of sorts.

Asterisk Exchange is a site where vendors can upload product information on products that work with Asterisk. These may be physical products such as telephony cards and phones etc or software.

Software may be end-user software such as soft-phones, Asterisk add-ons that increase functionality or distinct apps that work with some aspect of VoIP.

Some of the sections already available are: -

Asterisk Components
Desktop Tools
Interface Cards
IP Phones
Network Components
Platform Hardware

Though not really an app store, Asterisk Exchange allows people to search a single resource for Asterisk related products (much of the information is already available, just harder to find as it's spread on to lots of sites). This can only be a good thing for the large Asterisk community.

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