MagicJack jacks into GSM femtocell

MagicJack (owned by YMax) say they have made a femtocell that plugs into a PC and then offers VoIP connectivity through the MagicJack network. They already manufacture a system for regular phone lines that does the same thing for fixed lines costing $40 for the MagicJack unit and $20 pa. The system is being demonstrated at CES in the US.

The femtocell detects the cell phone, connects to it and then the user enters a code to authenticate the connection. It then uses the connected PC to connect to the VoIP service.

MagicJack state this is legal as the mobile operators license doesn't extend into the home, which implies it's US only.

In the UK (and most of Europe) a license is required to transmit or receive radio signals and the MagicJack femtocell would certainly be illegal in the UK.

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