Changes to our mobile lineup - Skype Blogs

Changes to our mobile lineup - Skype Blogs

Skype the P2P software company (that's what they say anyway i.e. they're not a telco) has dumped Skype and Skype Lite for Windows Phone as reported in the company blog.

They say's it's becoming more and more difficult to maintain the Skype user experience on that platform, so rather than give users a bad experience, they're dropping support.

They are still working with carriers (in the UK 3 and now Verizon in the US) who bundle Skype as part of the service. What's different there is that it's actually using voice calls back to a server and then it's translated to the Skype P2P service in the network i.e. not on the phone (it's using an iSkoot client). The Skype client uses VoIP (though Skype's propriety version) which is obviously having problems on the Microsoft Mobile OS.

Skype have done well with 3 in the UK who offer free Skype to Skype calls for life.
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