DBVu goes live

DBVu has gone live, well the website has at least.

DBVu is a MySQL monitoring, analysis and reporting service that will help start-ups and small companies grow/scale their MySQL databases by reporting on issues before they become problems. Reports will be suitable for both management (easy to understand) and technical users who can drill down and see what's happening in the depths.

Customers install some simple client software on a public facing server, which is securely polled by DBVu and gathers the information from the MySQL database.

Once live customers will be given 30 days of completely free usage, after which the service will drop to basic monitoring and reporting. If a customer signs-up during the first 30 days then full reporting will be continued after the free period expires.

As all the analytics and reporting is performed centrally, bug fixes, new features etc can be added without the customer making any changes. Also as value add features are added, customers will easily be able to upgrade.

In future value add services will be database replication and back-up with increased support for new database types such as Postgres, Oracle and MS SQL.

Currently DBVu is looking for friendly beta testers.
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