Channel 5 loses HD mulitplex

In 2009 Ofcom provisionally reserved capacity (a slot) on Mulitplex B for Channel 5 to broadcast HD content. This was on proviso that they resolved certain issues.

Channel 5 have not resolved those issues and therefore lost the right to the slot. The only other applicants for the slot (Channel 4 and S4C) have not been able to guarantee that they will be able to launch an HD channel in the required timescales.

As the other user in the band was the BBC, they will now have complete access to Multiplex B and will consider their options on how to best use the capacity and launch an HD channel. The capacity was due to revert to the BBC Trust in 2012, so they now have the ability to move the services forwards by 2 years.

Ofcom will give the Commercial Public Service Broadcasters another opportunity to apply launch HD services in 2012 next year.
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