Geek'n'Rolla the best bits

Last Tuesday was Geek'n'Rolla and event run by Mike Butcher of TechCruch Europe.

There was a mixture of talks, panels and pitches. All of the talks and panels were interesting, but some were better than others and some were really extraordinary. The afternoon ones seemed engaging than the ones in the morning.

Ewan McLeod gave a great talk on mobile development in terms of the market size and platforms (similar to an earlier talk at DevNest), the results are quite surprising, Apple iPhone may not be the best platform for development (though it's still the sexiest).

Andrew J Scott of Rummble gave a fantastic talk on the "Dirty Dozen" things to worry about when "doing a start-up".

Alicia Navarro of Skimlinks gave a great talk on trying to get funding in the US / West Coast.

However the highlight of the day was definitely Morten Lund's talk (he was an early Skype investor) made a huge amount of money, then lost it all. Some parts of his talk are what they call NSFW.

Though the quality of the pitches was good, some of the companies weren't too strong and it was surprising they made it to a TechCrunch event.

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