Ofcom allows high power PMSE devices

Ofcom, the Super Regulator that deals with radio and broadcasting (amongst other things) has published a statement on the use of high power devices for Program making and special events (PMSE).

Before the digital switchover devices such as radio mikes and other PMSE devices could use channel 69 (which lies in 800MHz) and their licenses expired at the end of 2012. However Ofcom is continuing to allow their use until this spectrum is awarded to a new licensee after the current 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum auctions end (the award is expect by March 2013).

Ofcom allocated channel 38 for PMSE devices (606 - 614 MHz), but only for low power devices (under 50mW EIRP), now Ofcom is also allowing higher power devices (up 10 10W EIRP) to operate in the lower 2 channels (within channel 38), i.e. 606.7 MHz and 607 MHz.

Most PMSE is low power use (such as radio mikes), however outdoor events such as golf or other sporting activities can use higher power. Ofcom has performed a risk analysis and found that the possibility of interference with other low power devices (which can use another channel) or neighbouring services is minimal.

The statement is available here and stakeholders can respond on-line.

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