Ofcom moves into the 21st Century and will offer number allocation through a WEB FORM

Ofcom, the Super Regulator, has published a statement that from 8th December 2014 communications providers will have to apply for new number allocations through a web form on the Ofcom site.

The form will ask for details of the allocation use and communications providers that intend to use those numbers for Public Electronic Communications Network (PECN) and/or a Public Electronic Communications Service (PECS) will have to allocate those numbers within the 6 month period or Ofcom can withdraw them and take them back for re-allocation.

This should simplify the application process for most providers (the old system was paper based) and relates to number allocation within Section 58 of the Communication Act 2003 under General Condition 17.

Ofcom held a consultation about this a while back and the result of the respondents are included in the statement, several respondents have been redacted (probably as they didn't want their names known to incumbents).

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