Google Glass isn't quite pushing up the daisies

There's been a lot of noise about Google Glass being killed off which is slightly odd considering: -

Intel announced at CES that the next version of Glass would be powered by an Intel CPU.

  • The Glass team are moving from the secret projects labs thing to the Nest division i.e. mainstream.
  • The CPU used in the current version of Glass is a TI OMAP processor, TI don't make OMAP processors any more.
  • The Explorer version was a technology trial.
  • The Explorer version is ugly as hell and not the easiest thing to use.
  • Google have made some nice relationship with eyewear vendors.

There's a fair number of Glass applications now (Glassware) and the technology works, it wasn't consumer ready, it wasn't even techie ready, it was early adopter and developer ready.

There's sure to be a new version in the works, it might not even be consumer ready, but it will be more functional, it will look nicer, run faster and do things better. It might not even be sold by Google but their eyewear partners with Google just supplying the tech.

Whatever happens, Glassholes will be around for a long time and it's not quite a Norwegian Blue ...

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