Ecademy & Opengardens


Opengardens held an interesting meeting last night with a presentation by Mike Short (who's VP R&D for mmO2 and Chair of the Mobile Data Association) and presented some interesting information and thoughts on where the industry was going.

In the UK there are now more mobile phones than people which is true of several countries but for different reasons i.e. in the UK people may have a company and personal phone or phone and Blackberry type device.

SMS growth has been phenomenal with 3/4 of a trillion messages sent last year. The MDA isn't publishing number of MMS messages (probably due to very low numbers), instead numbers of MMS and/or GPRS enabled handsets.

The MDA has some interesting mini directories available to download from their site here. Currently there's one for Mobile Messaging and Mobile Broadband and another due for release soon on Mobile Applications.
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