D-Link G604T ADSL router

I've been having problems with the router, which turned out to be my fault. The configuration for the firewall and rules is non-intuative.

I had enabled the firewall (which stops things like smurf attacks, SYN flooding etc), but there are some check-boxes to let services in like ftp or telnet. That should have given the game away, in that ALL incoming traffic is blocked unless you specifically let things through (which is a good default). It's not stated anywhere though. Then there's another page called "filters" and this is where you set-up the services you want let through.

Anyway once I'd decided the services to let through, everything worked fine and downloads worked at full-speed.

It seems previously I'd mucked with the rules sufficiently that the router was getting confused and downloads were initially starting very fast, but then crawling to a few K/s.

I still like the D-link router, and hopefully some new firmware will support things like QoS (so I can prioritise my VoIP traffic) and better filter/firewall rules.
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