Qinetiq to police the airwaves - Network IT Week

Qinetiq to police the airwaves - Network IT Week

It looks like Ofcom are going to get serious about spectrum pollution. They currently have very limited resource in monitoring and then actually doing something about radio interference.

They do go after pirates, but a lot of time is spent investigating industrial EMI that interferes with local services (i.e. say industrial relays arcing that splat over commercial radio).

One thing Ofcom hasn't really addressed is interference in the WiFi bands, either by people using high gain antennae (so putting out more than the allowed EIRP) or using frequencies they're not meant to (or without going through the proper licensing regime), the Quinetiq deal should allow them to police these band much more effectively.

As more of the spectrum is liberalised, it will allow for more flexible use and increased applications, however it will also lead to more people using it improperly.

Maybe this will give Ofcom the bite to police properly, rather than just barking occasionally.
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