BBC NEWS | Technology | Mobile networks bear blast strain

BBC NEWS | Technology | Mobile networks bear blast strain

The mobile networks went into overload as people in London tried calling yesterday.

It's likely the operators put the networks into a mode where "operator overload class" went into action. This is a system whereby voice channels are prioritised for Emergency services, government, spooks etc. There are rumoured to be 15 levels and the operators set the operating level and anyone below this level (i.e. normal users) will not be able to make or receive calls or get dropped from an existing call if anyone with a higher level is trying to make a call.

On O2 up until about 2pm though the network was available it didn't seem to allow calls at all, maybe that's because of the vicinity of a hospital which was on "Emergency Status" and was receiving walking wounded.

After 2pm the network was congested by calls did get through.
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