Net4Now :: News Story

Net4Now :: News Story

Google investing in Powerline technology (PLT)? Why not? The main advantage of the technology is it uses existing infrastructure i.e. electricity powerlines. That means a lower entry cost as the broadband company only needs to overlay the broadband technology, not dig fibre or lay copper.

PLT can work very well, and trials have been launched in various areas of the UK. It unfortunately can lead to emissions in the electomagnetic spectrum which interfere with other radio services. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can be reduced, but it has to be vary carefully controlled and only works in specific conditions.

The technology is much better suited to rural areas where single substations power many premises (the broadband equipment is installed at the substation). It tends not to work where multiple substations feed multiple premises such as in urban areas (cities).

Current trials have shown that using powerlines for backhaul is also difficult as the grid powerlines act as aerials and EMI becomes a major problem.
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